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Amazing Health Benefits of Banana You Need to Know

Amazing Health Benefits of Banana You Need to Know

When we talk about the health benefits of bananas, it includes both green and yellow bananas. 

In this post, Edumediawellness is committed to describing the benefits of banana fruits, banana peel, its flower, juice, stem, and a wide variety of foods made from bananas around the Globe.

You need to know why eating a banana each day is important. If you go through the component of the banana, you will be surprised. 

Nature has provided us such a healthy fruit mixed with amazing taste. Bananas are available at every corner of the  Planet. 

Healthy Banana Slice
Healthy sweet Yellow Banana.
Image credit-Wikipedia

Banana is a sweet, delicious, and nutritious fruit that is popular all over the world. Bananas have many benefits for our health. It has no significant side effects.  Also, read how to remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables.

Banana is a common item on the breakfast menu for most people in various countries. There is no age limit for banana fans; everyone, whether young or old, likes to eat a banana each day.
Banana green and yellow, its stem, and flower provide adequate nutrients to our body. Therefore, all of these all are considered good foods as they have many health benefits and prevent many critical diseases. 

Banana tree with green banana
Banana tree. 
Image source-Wikipedia

A medium-sized raw banana excluding the peel contains 75% water, 23% carbohydrates, 1% protein, vitamin B6, and moderate amounts of vitamin C. It contains manganese and dietary fiber. Banana contains a small amount of fat.

 A 100-gram banana contains supplies 89 Calories, which is 31% of the US recommended daily value.

Facts of  Nutrition

The table below shows the amount of each nutrient in a medium-sized (100gm approx) banana.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 371 kJ (89 kcal)
22.84 g
Sugars 12.23 g
Dietary fiber 2.6 g
0.33 g
1.09 g
Vitamins Quantity%DV†
Thiamine (B1) 3%0.031 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 6%0.073 mg
Niacin (B3) 4%0.665 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 7%0.334 mg
Vitamin B6 31%0.4 mg
Folate (B9) 5%20 μg
Choline 2%9.8 mg
Vitamin C 10%8.7 mg
Minerals Quantity%DV†
Iron 2%0.26 mg
Magnesium 8%27 mg
Manganese 13%0.27 mg
Phosphorus 3%22 mg
Potassium 8%358 mg
Sodium 0%1 mg
Zinc 2%0.15 mg
Other constituents Quantity
Water 74.91 g

Source- Wikipedia

Health Benefits of Banana

Banana whether green or yellow has many health benefits. some of them are discussed below.

✅Digestive System

The fiber content of bananas makes them highly beneficial to the digestive system. Bananas contain fructooligosaccharides, nondigestive carbohydrates that encourage digestive-friendly probiotics and enhance the body's ability to absorb calcium.

The American Diabetes Association(ADA) recommends eating bananas and other fruit as they contain fiber. They note that eating fiber can help lower blood sugar levels.

✅Blood pressure

The American Heart Association (AHA) encourages people to limit their intake of salt, or sodium, and increase their consumption of foods that contain potassium and other minerals.

Banana is a Good source of potassium. Potassium can aid control blood pressure and thereby reduce strain on your cardiovascular system. A medium banana fulfills approximately 9% of your daily potassium requirements.

✅Weight Management System

Bananas have no fat, which makes them a good fruit to lose weight. Bananas provide around 12 percent of the daily fiber intake. Fibre also plays an important role to lose weight,

✅Insomnia and Stress Management

Bananas contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps you sleep better. Vitamin B6 can help you sleep better and magnesium helps relax the muscle. It contains tryptophan, which is further converted to serotonin. It is usually the deficiency of serotonin in the brain that leads to depression.


Bananas contain vitamin A, which is essential to protect the eyes, maintain normal vision, and improve night vision.

Vitamin A contains compounds that preserve the membranes around our eyes and is a component of proteins that bring light to our cornea. Bananas can help prevent macular degeneration, hence protects central vision.


Vitamin B6 supports the production of glutathione, the master antioxidant, which is essential to protecting bone cells from oxidative damage.
Manganese produces collagen, which makes up the bone matrix and calcium absorption and the production of copper helps construct connective tissue in bones.

Use of bananas as a variety of food-

Green bananas, banana flower{mocha in Bangla).

Healthy Banana Stem
Banana stem (thor). Image credit- Wikipedia


Amazing health benefits of banana flower
Banana flower(mocha). Image credit- Wikipedia.

The Process of Ripening Bananas

In India, fresh bananas are available in the market at a cheap price for many years. Unlike some other fruits, after picking from the tree, bananas continue to ripen steadily at room temperature. Banana to ripen faster, you can try keeping them in a jute bag, paper bag.

If you put bananas into your refrigerator, they will ripen slowly. Although the outer peel of it will darken, the banana itself will remain intact. 

Bananas are the main starch for many tropical populations. Both the skin and inner part can be eaten raw or cooked. Banana has a good aroma because of the component isoamyl acetate or banana oil and some other compound.

The basic component of the flavor of fresh bananas is isoamyl acetate (also known as banana oil).  This oil, along with several other compounds (such as butyl acetate and isobutyl acetate) contributes to its flavor.

While the ripening process of bananas, a gas produced called ethylene that acts as a plant hormone and indirectly affects the flavor. 

Among other things, ethylene stimulates the formation of amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch into sugar, influencing the taste of bananas. 

The gree bananas contain higher levels of starch and, as a result, have a starchier property. The taste of yellow bananas is sweeter because of higher sugar concentrations. 

The ethylene gas encourages through signal the production of an enzyme called pectinase, which breaks down the pectin between the cells of the banana, causing the banana to ripen to soft.

Bananas are also made into fruit preserves. Banana pancakes are popular among  Asian countries. This has elicited the expression banana pancake trail for those places in Asia that cater to these travelers. 

Banana chips are a snack produced from sliced dehydrated or fried banana or plantain, which has a dark brown color and an intense banana taste. Dried bananas are also ground to make banana powder or banana flour from which a variety of foods are made.

 Some popular foods made from banana, its flower, and stem are given below.
  • Banana pancakes 
  • Bananas fried 
  • Banana chips 
  • Banana juice 
  • Banana Steamed (puzhungiyathu -a south Indian dish}
  • Banana  curries
  • Banana blossom 
  • Banana stem (Thor)-cooked vegetable

Side Effects

There are no significant side effects associated with eating bananas. However, eating the fruits in excess may trigger some problems like sleepiness and digestive dysfunction. 

Important facts about Banana.

  • The scientific name for banana is Musa
  • India produces the largest number of bananas in the world followed by China and the Philippines.

Healthy banana fried
Tasty Banana Chips have health benefits

Final Words

Make a habit to add one banana to your breakfast and enjoy its benefits on your health.

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