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Importance of Weight Management to Your Overall Health

Importance of Weight Management to Your Overall Health.

Weight management can be described as a process that contributes to the goal of achieving a healthy weight. Weight management is a technique or strategy that promotes the eating of healthy food, regular physical activities, and monitoring of the measurement of your weight over a long period. 

Ideal weight control or weight loss program has several components. Weight management 
is important for attaining and maintaining a healthy weight that is essential for your overall health and life expectancy.

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1. Healthy LifeStyle

An ideal weight helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your weight tells how healthy you are. The rising rate of obesity in different parts of the world has compelled us to think of mastering weight management techniques.

An effective weight management system can protect us from excess weight and obesity. Therefore, try to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through gradual but continuous weight loss. It will help to boost metabolism.

Various studies have shown that increasing the rate of obesity is a major concern worldwide.
About two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese as per a study report of the US government. The situation is almost the same in Canada where 60% are overweight or obese.

Understanding the basic sciences of weight management and effective strategies for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is very crucial in this scenario. Your overall health will be affected by your weight. 

Obesity is responsible for many chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

2.Cardiovascular disorders: 

A healthy cardiovascular system depends upon the healthy weight of your body.  For attaining and maintaining a healthy weight an effective weight management program is essential. 

The risk of coronary heart disease increases as your weight increases. Obesity is responsible for cardiovascular problems and can affect your heart health in several ways. 

When a plaque buildup inside of your coronary arteries (which plays a crucial role to supply the oxygen and blood to your heart ) it is called 'coronary heart disease'. Obesity may be responsible for heart failure as your heart may not able to pump the amount of blood your body needs. 

Therefore, through the Weight Management System (WMS) you can protect your heart as well as the entire cardiovascular system and overall health

3. Osteoarthritis:  

It is widely accepted that Obesity is a risk factor for the incidence of osteoarthritis (degeneration of joints) as well as its development. Researches have shown that osteoarthritis is caused mainly by aging joints and obesity. 

Excess weight puts extra strain on your joints resulting in degenerating your joint cartilages. Hence, an effective weight management program ensures the prevention of osteoarthritis through weight reduction.

4. Joins and Muscle problems: 

Because of the excess weight, you may suffer from various types of injuries. The excess weight of an obese person increases the strain on the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and even various organs of the body. 

Therefore, it can generate various types of bones and muscle problems such as chronic aches and pains in your back, knees, etc. Therefore, Proper WMS protects you from knee pain, back pain, muscle pain, etc. Read the Human skeleton, structure of bones, and functions. 

5. Overweight causes type 2 diabetes: 

You must be aware of Diabetes as it is one of the main causes of stroke and premature death. In the case of type 2 diabetes, your body is unable to break down the insulin properly. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and usually happens in people who are obese or overweight.

Read here how to manage diabetes with Gymnema(Gurmar), known as a sugar killer.

6. Risk of cancer: 

Overweight increases the chances of various types of cancer like colon cancer, rectum cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, and endometrium cancer. 

According to World cancer research, about 20% of cancer cases in the US are linked to body weight, unhealthy diets, excess alcohol consumption which could be prevented. 

Thus, effective weight management will prevent you from the incidence of various forms of cancer as mentioned above.

7. Sleep Disturbance: 

It is difficult for obese people to have sound sleep which is essential to lead a For people who have more fat stored around their necks their breathing cycle changes while they're asleep. Usually, people with this type of condition will have more pauses while they breathe during sleep. 

The excess fat narrows the airway thus make difficulties in breathing. Therefore, proper weight management ensures you sound sleep and improved respiration. Sound sleep also helps improve the functioning of your digestive system.

8. High Blood Pressure

Obesity is directly related to high blood pressure or hypertension. When you're obese or overweight condition your hypertension rises with the rise of your weight. Hypertension is responsible for various other diseases that can affect your overall health and reduce your life expectancy. 

Weight-loss is the most important step in reducing hypertension and improving the quality of life. As soon as hypertension is diagnosed, focus on reducing your weight and consult your doctor immediately to get anti-hypertension medicine. Therefore, proper weight management protects you from high blood pressure.

8. How Do You Know You're Ideal Weight or Obes?

Measure your Body Mass Index-BMI. You will get a rough idea about your weight.
According to the Body Mass Index -You are in ideal health if BMI is  18.5- 24.5. below 18.5 you are underweight above 24.5 you are overweight and If your BMI is above 29.5 You are OBESE.

9. How Can You Measure BMI? 

Use any one of the two formulas to get your BMI value.

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height2 (metre2)
BMI = [ Weight (lbs) / Height2 (inch 2) ] x 703


Metrics Units.- The method of calculation is as below
BMI = Weight / ( Height * Height )
weight is measured in kg and height in meters.

 Imperial Units-The method of calculation is as below

 BMI = Weight / ( Height * Height ) * 703
 Weight is measured in lbs and height in inches.

10. BMI calculator

 Feeling Bored because of complicated math?

Click Here to get Free Calculator, put your height and weight in the specified box, get BMI value.


BMI has some limitations so it is not a perfect representation of a  body's fat percentage. 
Despite the limitations, it is great to get the primary idea about the risk factor of your weight. What you need to do for getting a more accurate outcome is to measure your waist and hips.

A Nice BMI chart is attached below to help our beloved readers to check their condition of health.

BMI Chart gets an idea about your healthy weight that may be re required for Effective Weight Management Programme. Photo credit- Pinterest.

The BMI Chart can be used to determine the body weight compared to your height This Chart will help understand if the height and weight relationship are within the healthy parameters. Excessive weight is not desirable for you it has health risks factors for your overall health. Therefore, the key to staying healthy and happy is to maintain your weight at an optimum level.

12. Conclusion

Managing your weight at a desirable level is important to maintain your overall health. Keep your weight in continuous monitoring, eat a fiber-rich diet, and do some exercise regularly to improve your health.



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