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Metabolism Boosters: Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism Boosters: Natural Ways To Boost Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism is important to strengthen your limbs, increase immunity, weight loss, and muscle gain. Which substances are nutritious and which are toxic for you are determined by your metabolic system.
Go for natural ways to speed up your metabolism.

1. What is Metabolism 

Metabolism means all biochemical reactions that take place inside the body of an organism. metabolism saves lives through the effective running of the cellular process and proper functioning of the organs.

2. Types of Metabolism

Metabolism is of two types- catabolic and anabolic. Catabolic metabolism is the energy releaser, whereas anabolic metabolism is the energy absorber.
Catabolic breaks down organic compounds into smaller parts, whereas anabolic or synthesis combines numerous small parts to form large parts, such as proteins and nucleic acids, carbohydrates, etc,.
Catabolism is the metabolic process that breaks down large molecules and includes breaking down and oxidizing food molecules. catabolic reactions help provide the energy and components needed by anabolic reactions that build molecules. 
Anabolism is the structural metabolic process in which energy is released by metabolism which is used as a complement to complex molecules.

3. Metabolic Process

Metabolic reactions need enzymes and follow the metabolic pathway. In the metabolism process, one enzyme is converted into another. 

The enzyme is very important for metabolism because they permit the organism to react to the energy that does not happen on its own, releasing energy to them in combination with spontaneous reactions.

Enzymes play the role of agitators and grant a reaction to proceed more quickly. Enzyme enables control of a metabolic reaction rate. The rate of metabolism determines the quantity of food an organism needs.

4. Purpose Of Metabolism

  • Conversion of food into energy  
  • Conversion  foods and energy to make blocks for proteins, lipids, etc
  • Excrete metabolic wastes from the body.

5. Factors Responsible to increase the speed of Metabolism. 

Metabolism is the internal chemical process of your body through which your body expends energy and burns calories. Even, when you sleep, the metabolic process continues its functioning for which food is digested and breathed works.

Converting the food into energy, circulating blood, repairing cells because of the functioning of metabolism. It helps keep your body moving. Simply put, it is impossible to survive without a metabolic process.

The rate of metabolism can be categorized as fast metabolism, slow metabolism, and average metabolism. The rate of metabolism differs from person to person. How fast your metabolism works is determined by some controllable and uncontrollable factors. 
The controllable factors are related to your lifestyle such as dieting habits, muscle mass, sleep, etc. metabolic process is significantly determined by some uncontrollable factors such as your genes, age, sex, etc. Usually, the metabolic rate of aged persons is slower than the young.

6. Metabolic rate and body mass 

Your metabolic rate is the amount of energy burned by you over a specific period which is usually measured in calories or kilocalories per unit time.

Metabolic rate and body mass have a direct relation. If your body mass is higher the rate of metabolism will be higher. However, the rate depends upon your size, activity levels, and some other factors.

7. The Myth Of  Skipping Meal To Lose Weight

A common misconception about weight loss is skipping meals If you do not provide food in your body, it is not getting nutrients, so it stores fat as it slows down your metabolism energy storage. 

If you want to maintain good health, you need to control your weight and boost your metabolism. Weight loss through calorie cutting will cause fatigue and weakness. 

8. How to Boost Metabolism in Natural Ways?

Since metabolic activities depend on many factors, it is fruitless efforts to increase metabolism artificially. You do not need to work hard to increase your metabolism naturally. little changes in lifestyle such as concentration on diet, mild exercise, and uninterrupted sleep, etc.

9. Boost metabolism through Healthy Diet

Boost metabolism through  healthy diet

            Boost metabolism through Healthy Diet. Image credit-Pixabay

There is a saying that eats in the morning like a king, in the afternoon like a renter, and at night like a beggar. Breakfast is the most important meal. Heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, and light dinner- that's the optimum dieting habit. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of your diet. 

Dieting Time

Do you know when is the best time to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? We need to know when to eat just as we need to know exactly what to eat. How you choose the time we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner have a significant impact on your weight.
Health experts have determined the appropriate time to have each meal, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to follow that guideline while monitoring weight. Although there is no universal time schedule, the time range accepted by most health professionals should be maintained.

Breakfast Time- 7am-8am.

Lunch Time 12 noon-1 pm

Dinner Time 7PM-8 pm

Get the appropriate time at WebMD.

What Kind of Food to Add to Each Meal?

  • The menu should include adequate amounts of protein and calories
  • Foods rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins need to be balanced
  • One glass of water and one glass of  fruit juice before every meal
  • Make sure to have enough protein in your meal

Proteins are made of amino acids that contribute to cellular energy metabolism by providing a carbon source. Most of the proteins are enzymes that catalyze the chemical reactions in metabolism. 

Other proteins have structural or mechanical functions, such as those that form the cytoskeleton, a system of scaffolding that maintains the cell shape. Proteins act in cell signaling, responses to immune, cell adhesion, active transport across membranes, and the cell cycle.

Therefore, eat balanced food and chose protein as the source of calories instead of carbohydrates or fats. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet that contain plenty of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

10. Sleep Enough to Boost  Your Metabolism

Uninterrupted sleep that means there will be no interference in between. Sleeping at night, and waking up in the morning -this is a perfect sleep (8-10 hours). Sound sleep is essential for your overall health.

11. Move Your Body to boost metabolism. 

Physical movement is a great natural metabolic booster. Don't allow your body without movement for more than an hour, except for the resting time. Do some exercise daily. Focus on muscle building because muscle cells can burn more energy than fat cells.

12. Conclusions

You need to focus on reducing weight without skipping any meal. A fast metabolism rate is essential to burn energy and to maintain your overall health. Slow metabolism may harm your health. 

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