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Yoga: The Key to Protecting Your Health

  Yoga: The Key to Protecting Your Health. Yoga is a unique way of healthy living.  It is one of the ancient health care practices that  originated in India. Nowadays, it is extensively used all over the world since it has many health benefits. Y oga improves physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health . Edumediawellness is committed to providing you the evidence-based information.  I n this content,  you'll learn the basic concepts and the science-backed health benefits  of yoga. Evidence-based health benefits of Yoga. What is Yoga? Yoga is the practice of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises to bring harmony among them. It is much more than bending and twisting your body in an odd shape.  Yoga is thousands of years old complete health philosophy that emphasize harmonize your body with mind and breath. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ''Yuj'' which means ''to yoke'' or ''to unite''. So, yoga refers to unite the

10 Miracle Herbs to Guard Your Health Better

10 Miracle Herbs to Guard Your Health Better. People usually understand herbs as small plants that have a lifespan of 1 to 2 years. But many large trees are also considered herbs or medicinal plants. Herbs are used for several purposes and categorized accordingly.  There are culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, spiritual herbs, etc.  Miracle herbs that can protect your health. Apart from leaves, herbs include other parts of a plant, such as roots, flowers, seeds, bark, resin, etc (although, they are often categorized as spices). In this article, you'll find 10 miracle medicinal herbs that are extensively used in traditional herbal therapy  ( TCM , Ayurveda , Siddha, or Unani ).   I'll highlight their uses and science-based health benefits, along with the limitations, if any. List Of the 10 Amazing Medicinal Herbs Aloe Vera Neem Tulsi  Ashwagandha  Gotu kola Mint  Brahmi  Amla Garlic  Turmeric. 10 Miracle Herbs 🌿1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a widely used evergreen plant. It is a succu