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About Us

About Us

About Edumediawellness.

Edumediawellnes (Edumedia plus Wellness) is a subsidiary of Edumedia established by A.R.Mollah in July 2020. Edumediawellnes is dedicated to creating health awareness via publishing text and video content on the topic of health and wellness. A healthy community is a great resource for society. Well-being is the main component of happiness. 

Edumediawellness believes in the principle of prevention is better than cure. It emphasizes public awareness protects their health and prevention of disease. It will reveal the secrets of staying healthy and happy. 

Edumediawellness posts high-quality unique content on the topic of health and wellness that includes diet, exercise, immunity boosters, metabolism boosters, and so on. We have also published many videos on relevant topics.

We collect every piece of information on the valuable resources in nature for health care that has been scientifically researched and appreciated by scientists and health experts. Then we write articles, make videos, and share them with you through Blogs or YouTube.

Furthermore, We are extremely conscious and impartial when it comes to the collection of information, scientific evidence, and content writing.

For example, when it comes to writing content for Cordyceps Sinensis, China, is repeatedly highlighted because of the availability, popularity, and documentation. Similarly, India is highlighted when writing about Gymnema Sylvestre  (sugar killer).


Lastly, none of our content is intended to recommend you. Use them for educational purposes only. Please read our disclaimer, privacy, and other policies available on this website. 

Edumediawelness wishes you and your family well-being and happiness.

The message of the Founder

We don't want any money from you in return for our service but we do expect a little love. Just as health is a precious wealth, so is love. I can't see you physically but understand what you are reading or viewing and I feel that you have formed a relationship with my heart. 

I freely admit that my mind gets depressed if I don't see your comment. I wonder if I made any mistake or fault. If you benefit from our content, we'll be encouraged and inspired by subscribing to YouTube channels and websites and liking, commenting, and sharing content.

About Me

About A.R.Mollah-CEO of edumedia wellness

✅ My Name is A.R.Mollah, who came from a commerce background.

✅ Educational Qualification-Master in commerce, Cost And Management Accountant (M.Com, ICWA).

✅ Basically, I am a marketing guy having rich experience in the direct marketing field of the Wellness Industry. Besides health care products, I also deal with home care, personal care, and other products, both offline and the online environment.

✅ Presently working with a Multinational Company and promoting business in India and Bangladesh.

 ✅ I won excellent awards several times for my outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the company. I have been playing important roles as leader, motivator, and coach of a big team of over 100000 which I have built during the last 16 years. 

✅ Recently, I have acquired deep knowledge in the fields of content marketing, web designing, and video blogging. I am now a pro blogger, vlogger, and digital marketer.

✅ Despite the background of accounting, the main reason for diversification is to adapt to the rapid changes in the world. I believe that who can predict the future and change himself with future trends, God gives him the license to brighten his future.

✅ If you have any query regarding Websiteite, Advertisement, or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at mollah1309[at]gmail[dot]com.


Founder of: 

1. edumedia

2. edumediawellness

3. techazu



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